Improving air quality in uk cities

A clean repowering solution for existing LTI tx Diesel taxis

Retrofitting existing Black Cabs to EURO 6 Petrol/LPG
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New 2.0L Turbo GM Ecotec engine

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Clean lowcost LPG

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8 days incl test & verification

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Smooth, quiet and powerful


It's not just a new engine. Because of the new technology and change of fuel Gascab offers some interesting benefits

Approved by Transport for London, we offer technology to upgrade your old LTI TX1, TX2 and TX4 diesel to EURO 6 LPG. Emission testing was carried out by both Horiba Mira and Millbrook Proving Ground. Emissions tests that were carried out: NEDC, WLTC and a PCO Cenex test cycle (London taxi specific) to prevent any doubts about our emission performance.

  • Up to 30%

  • 97% reduction based on NEDC testing

  • 99% reduction based on NEDC testing

  • 5 years exemption in London, Birmingham, Reading

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