TfL TX4 Approval (update 23-2-2018)

We’re currently setting up the documentation to apply for TfL approval on the:

  • TX4 Euro 4
  • TX4 Euro 5
  • Optional Airconditioning system TX2 and TX4

We’re pleased to announce that we are currently making progress.

We’ve been in to see TfL and they’ve approved our application and signed off on the first of 3 technical inspections.

We’ve now passed:

  • Documentation
  • Visual inspection 1
  • Emission test 1

So still left to do

  • A durability test drive in London
  • Visual inspections at 5,000 miles
  • Visual inspection at 10,000 miles
  • Emission test

Estimated timeline:

  • Documentation finished and approval request submitted – January
  • Visual inspection & Emission tests – January – begin Februari
  • Durability trial – February to April
  • Final inspection and emission test – April-May
  • Approval follows shortly after

We are pushing as hard as we can to start the durability test and get the 10,000 London citymiles “in a typical London Cabbie operating style” finished as soon as possible.

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