April 29, 2017

The Repowering Process

After we’ve received your application. We will invite you to 1 of our Local service centers. They will be able to answer any questions relating to your Cab and tell you about the options available for the Repowering.
After all your questions are answered, they will perform an intake review, basically noting down any particulars like:

  • pre-existing damage to panels
  • rust inside the boot
  • functionality of the gearbox

After the review is done, the Cab can be driven to the Conversion centre.

At the conversion centre, we will review to notes and take the cab in.

Stripping out

After the cab has been accepted, the Diesel engine, gearbox and diesel tank will be removed including the fuellines, driveshaft, engine mounts and exhaust.

The engine bay will be pressure washed and cleaned of oil and Diesel.


The new engine mounts and the steering support bracket modification are welded into the enginebay. The fuel tanks and the fuel lines are installed underneath and the LPG Vaporizer is fitted in to the innerwing.

Next, the old engine and gearbox are separated and the gearbox is fitted onto the new engine. The new assembly is then lowered into the engine bay and bolted in. The propshaft and a new exhaust are installed.

The engine wiring loom is already fitted to the engine and is lead inside the cab. The original ECU is removed and the new Chassis wiring is installed. The new ECU is fitted in the same space.

The front of the Cab is reassembled, a new or refurbished radiator is installed and everything is connected to the engine.

Last fitted is the fuel switch on the dashboard, this will display on which fuel you’re driving and how much LPG is left in the tank. The original tank gauge on the dashboard is connected to the new 12L petrol tank and will show the remaining Petrol level.

Final testing

After the assembly, the cab will be subject to a number of tests including a testdrive; city, rural and motorway. A hot idling test and cold & hot start.

After everything is finished the Repowered Cab is ready for collecting with a nearly full tank of LPG and Petrol.

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