April 29, 2017

The Repowering Solution

We call it Repowering and it’s just that. The old Diesel engine is discarded and replaced by a brand new Petrol-LPG engine.
Basically everything in front of the gearbox is replaced. Adaptions are made to connect the new engine to the original gearbox and the new ECU to the original cab-wiring. All three LTI models, TX1, TX2 and TX4 can be repowered using the same parts, with only minor changes to suit the specific models.

The Engine

The brand-new engine fitted is a 2.0L Turbo Ecotec Opel engine. The engine starts out as a Direct Injected Petrol engine and meant to supply 280HP. It is currently used in, for example, the Vauxhall Astra VXR.

The engine is then modified; the direct injection is discarded to be replaced by a port-injection petrol system and custom ECU, including CAN communication and CAM control. The custom ECU is optimized to work with the LPG system to achieve the best power and emission results.

The 280HP engine is detuned and mapped according to the engine it’s replaces. It follows the same torque curve within 5% and Power output. For the TX1 and TX2, the power output is mapped to 80HP (@ 3600 RPM), 220 Nm (available from 2300RPM). For the TX4 the engine is tuned to 110HP (@ 3600 RPM), 240Nm (available from 2300RPM). This overall means the engine itself is only running at about 30% of it’s capacity, increasing it’s durability.

The Fuel Tank

The existing diesel tank is discarded and a 100L LPG tank (with 80L useable volume) is placed inside the boot. A 12L Petrol tank is fitted to aid in cold starts and to act as a reserve. A 80L fill will normally give a range of 300-400 miles, depending on driving conditions (city/motorway).

What does the installation cost?

The repowering will cost:

  • £11,760.- ( incl. VAT) for a TX1 and TX2.
  • £12,480.- (incl. VAT) for a TX4
  • £12,960.- ( incl. VAT) for a TX4 (including Airconditioning)

This includes:

  • Brand new 2.0L turbo engine tuned to supply the same torque and power as the original diesel engine
  • Complete new fuel system, LPG and Petrol including tanks
  • New exhaust (front to back, including catalyst
  • New (on TX1 & TX2) or refurbished (on TX4) radiator
  • New steering pump (on TX2 & TX4)
  • Full tank of LPG and Petrol
  • Everything will be fully fitted and tested

We need the Cab for approx. 8 days. The installation will only take a few days, after that the Cab will be submitted to a number of tests and checks.

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