May 4, 2017


Frequently asked Questions

Q: What does the installation cost?

A: The repowering will cost £9800 (+VAT) for a TX2 and £9900 (+VAT) for a TX4.
This includes:

  • Brand new 2.0L turbo engine tuned to supply the same torque and power as the original diesel engine
  • Complete new fuel system, LPG and Petrol including tanks
  • New exhaust (front to back, including catalyst
  • New (on TX1 & TX2) or refurbished (on TX4) radiator
  • New steering pump (on TX2 & TX4)
  • Full tank of LPG and Petrol
  • Everything will be fully fitted and tested

Q: How long does it take?

A: We need the Cab for approx. 8 days. The installation will only take a few days, after that the Cab will be submitted to a number of tests. Because we’re interfacing with the original Cab, we need to make sure everything that’s installed still works correctly, so we’re calculating some additional time.

Q: Can I apply with a broken engine?

A: We are replacing the engine, so if the engine doesn’t work, that’s no problem. All the other bits in the engine bay, like the Steering pump reservoir and the Airco unit (TX4) we re-install on the new engine.

Q: What about the gearbox?

A: We attach the new engine to the original gearbox, so make sure that works. If you wish to supply a replacement gearbox, we will install it for you, with no extra charge.