Apply for GasCab

Applying for a GasCab is simple, start with Step 1 and we'll make contact with you for the rest.

Step 1. Send us your V5

With a copy or picture of your V5 we can apply your TfL approval. There is no obligation to buy, but it is required by TfL that your history is checked before a potential conversion.

After your approval you're free to choose when you have your Cab converted. We'll ask for a deposit of £500 to confirm the order. Give us a call to book the cab in and we'll give you all the available dates

We have a central facility in Alcester where we do all UK conversion. You can deliver your cab yourself, or we can arrange transport for you.

During the conversion the vehicle is stripped of its Diesel system and the new engine, fuel systems, wiring, ECU and exhaust is installed.

The Cab is tested and placed onto the UKLPG register. We send off your modified V5 to DVLA and send the Exemption request to TfL.

Once your cab is finished, transport is arranged and after a testdrive in your brand new repowered Cab and settling the final bill, the Cab is yours to enjoy.

Sending your V5:

Upload a picture of your V5 (Vehicle details page):


Servicing can be done at one of 8 garages in London. During our 2 yr Warranty we ask you to service your cab at these centers.