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Repowering in a nutshell

What’s included?

  • Brand new 2.0L turbo engine tuned to supply the same torque and power as the original diesel engine
  • Complete new fuel system, LPG and Petrol including tanks
  • New exhaust (front to back, including catalyst)
  • New radiator
  • New steering pump (on TX2 & TX4)
  • Full tank of LPG and Petrol
  • Everything will be fully fitted and tested
  • We will take care of all paperwork to TfL and DVLA


Airconditioning can be fitted to the new engine. The old airconditioning parts do not fit the new engine, we therefore offer a new Electric compressor, condensor and filter as standard on the TX4 and as an option on the TX2.


The repowering will cost:

  • £11,760.- ( incl. VAT) for a TX1 and TX2.
  • £12,480.- (incl. VAT) for a TX4
  • £12,960.- ( incl. VAT) for a TX4 (including Airconditioning)

We need the Cab for approx. 8 days. The installation will only take a few days, after that the Cab will be submitted to a number of tests and checks.


Our standard warranty is 2 years, 80,000 miles.


After you application has been received, we’ll contact you to discuss your preferences, optional extra’s and ask when you wish to have it installed. Your application won’t be final until we’ve contacted you.

Any questions, feel free to call us on 020 3026 2150 or send an email to


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