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We are both CVRAS and TfL approved which reflects how much effort we have put into ensuring GasCab is robust and fully tested to all the latest standards and requirements

What do we offer?

Clean emissions

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. GasCab provides an immediate solution to reduce harmful emissions.


Is the 3rd most used road fuel globally and one of the cleanest burning fuels in the world. 90% of Tokyo's taxi fleet have been running on LPG for over 30 yrs, because of it.

It improves overall well being

Not only will GasCab improve air quality, the change from Diesel to LPG transforms drivers cabs to a vibration-free and quieter working place.

So how does it work?


We replace the entire engine with our brand-new Euro 6 LPG engine. The diesel system is discarded and the LPG system, plus a small Petrol reserve, is installed. A new wiring loom and ECU (engine computer) is installed with a robust emissions calibration for the engine.


The cab is then fully tested and placed onto the national UKLPG register. The component details are submitted to CVRAS and will appear on the National Retrofit Database which is readily available for the ANPR cameras in your City.


The repowered Cab is handed back to the driver with an instruction manual and a test-drive during which we explain the system and the refuelling procedure.

More information

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