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You've seen one of the repowered Cabs or you've had a leaflet, we'll try to explain exactly what it is and what it can do for you.


Getting your taxi to the latest emission standard is easy. Give us a call or email and we'll talk you throught the process.

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Our system has been trialled and tested thoroughly over the past 3 years. And we haven't stopped improving.


Our technology has been approved and checked by DVSA, Millbrook Proving Ground, MIRA, Transport for London, Energy Savings Trust (part of CVRAS) and multiple Local Licensing bodies.

GasCab features

Euro 6 is the current emission standard that every new vehicle must meet in order to be registered. With legal Air Quality limits being breached across the UK, councils have been tasked with reducing the levels of harmful emissions. GasCab is a retrofit solution for TX taxis, enabling them to emit fewer emissions equal to (or better) than newly manufactured vehicles.

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We repower vehicles through engine replacement technology. We completely remove the diesel engine and install a
brand new Euro 6 Petrol—LPG engine in its place. In addition to the engine, the new fuel systems are fitted  alongside a new engine control unit (ECU) and wiring harness.

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The engine we use for the repowering is a GM Vauxhall 2.0L turbo-charged petrol engine. This Ecotec engine is modified to run on LPG and optimised for use in a Cab. It is a current engine as featured in the Vauxhall Astra VXR. The original power output of 280Bhp is downtuned for use in the Cab.

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, the 3rd most used automotive fuel globally, is one of the cleanest burning fuels in the world. It is a by-product of the refinery of Crude oil and Natural Gas.

Bio LPG was introduced in 2018. Distilled from renewable sources, Bio LPG further lowers the carbon footprint.

The engine is supplied with a 2 yr, 80,000 miles parts and labour warranty. The warranty is carried out by our Local service centers.

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Proper maintenance carried out at the required intervals is essential for the life and performance of your engine. Our engine requires a Oil and filter change at 12,5k miles intervals. The spark plugs should be renewed at 50k miles.

The LPG system requires a filter change to be carried out together with the oil change.

Where can I find LPG

LPG can be found in over 1300 Filling sites in the UK.

Where can I service my GasCab

We currently have 12 Service Centers in the UK.

"the change from my old diesel is unbelievable... It is so quiet and it almost drives like a normal car."

Approved by

Our technology has been approved by

Birmingham City Council
Edinburgh City Council
Transport for London
Clean Air Zone compliant

CVRAS - Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme