Frequently asked Questions

Q: What does the installation cost?

A: The repowering will cost £9,800 (+VAT) for a TX2 and 10,400 (+VAT) for a TX4.
This includes:

  • Brand new 2.0L turbo engine tuned to supply the same torque and power as the original diesel engine
  • Complete new fuel system, LPG and Petrol including tanks
  • New exhaust (front to back, including catalyst
  • New (on TX1 & TX2) or refurbished (on TX4) radiator
  • New steering pump (on TX2 & TX4)
  • Full tank of LPG and Petrol
  • Everything will be fully fitted and tested

Q: How long does it take?

A: We need the Cab for approx. 8 days. The installation will only take a few days, after that the Cab will be submitted to a number of tests. Because we’re interfacing with the original Cab, we need to make sure everything that’s installed still works correctly, so we’re calculating some additional time.

Q: Can I apply with a broken engine?

A: We are replacing the engine, so if the engine doesn’t work, that’s no problem. All the other bits in the engine bay, like the Steering pump reservoir we re-install on the new engine.

Q: What about the gearbox?

A: We attach the new engine to the original gearbox, so make sure that works. If you wish to supply a replacement gearbox, we will install it for you, with no extra charge.