Current Mileage:*

Questions to driver

Do you use your cab outside of work?
Do you leave your engine idling on the rank for more then 10 minutes?
Are you a quick driver (good pull-up at the lights)?
How long is your shift?
How many miles do you do per week?

What percentage of time per week do you travel...

Under 10 Mph
10 - 30 Mph
30 - 50 Mph
50 - 70 Mph
Over 70 Mph

Open LPG software - Diagnostic screen

LPG hours
Petrol hours

Open Motormanagement software and download files (engine running)

  • Petrol Map
  • LPG Map (Map 2)

Open KMS datalog (Ignition on, engine off)

  • Download the latest significant datafile