In 2015, Birmingham City Council began an innovative scheme – The Birmingham NOx Reduction Champions project – which would see 65 black cabs converted to run on cheaper, cleaner LPG fuel in a bid to tackle the escalating air quality crisis in its city.

Birmingham NOx reduction Champions project

The answer was found in replacing the engine with a brand new Petrol engine converted to run on LPG. The development took only 3 months and in February 2016 the first LPG repowered Black Cabs began driving in Birmingham.
Until now 65 Birmingham taxis have been converted to run on LPG, with impressive feedback from the drivers.

Most commonly heard comments are the silent and almost vibration free running of the engine. They were also surprised about the amount of fuel savings they could achieve. And last, but certainly not least, is the five year extension on the life of the cab, awarded by Birmingham Council because of the repowering to a clean and green alternative to diesel.

This Birmingham NOx Reduction Champions project could now prove to be the answer to helping improve air quality in other polluted towns and cities across the UK.

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